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"Welcome to MDeBow.com web site, where I present information, video clips and print media outlining my professional experience."

"I have listed links that describe my skills which include Project and Property Management encompassing retail, multi unit residential, industrial, high-rise commercial, and film studio."

“My passion for Motion Picture led me into Video and Film Production. I have been involved with documentary, television commercials, broadcast, and movie production. On some projects I was involved developing content, writing and or directing the production.”

“I worked for several years in Advertising as an account executive, team administrator, campain ibuyessayonline.com developer, graphics designer, production manager, offset press manager, print broker, camera operator, video editor, copy writer, broadcast/ad buyer, and screen printer.”

"I've been actively involved in Event Production though out my professional life which culminated in the coordination of large symposiums. I was responsible for booking, lecture videotaping, graphics, security, publicity, staffing, entertainment, expo booths and facility negotiation.“

"I've Renovated houses and apartments, and managed commercial construction and residential subdivision Development. I have work side by side with architects, civil engineers, construction managers, interior designers, subcontractors, laborers and city officials.”

Below is a flow chart of my experience.

M DeBow